Adele Tries to Fool Adele Impersonators for Her BBC Special

6 - STYLE 25 WOMEN : Adele Hello Screenshot – H 2015
Courtesy of VEVO

Adele is used to doing the impossible, but who knew the chart-topping queen could be a master of disguise?

As part of her BBC Special Adele at the BBC airing Friday night (Nov. 20), the British powerhouse slapped on some heavy makeup, a fake nose and fake chin to fool other Adele impersonators, who were invited to be a part of a fake pilot at the Wimbledon Theatre.

As "Jenny," Adele feigns dizziness and even gets the jitters once it's her time to perform, but watch the shock on the faux Adeles’ faces once she opens her mouth to sing.

To remix a line from our Billboard cover star, Missy Elliott, “There is only one Adele.”

Watch the brilliant skit below:

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