Alexander Skarsgard Stars in Cut Copy's Weird 'Free Your Mind' Music Video

The "True Blood" regular goes blond (and shirtless!) in the Australian electronic group's latest release.
Alexander Skarsgard in Cut Copy's music video

A long-haired (and blond) Alexander Skarsgard stars in Cut Copy's new music video for "Free Your Mind," the Australian electronic group's latest single from its fifth studio album.

The True Blood star, shirtless for most of the video, is first seen running away from something, before we see him have his feet washed by a curly-haired woman donning a blue uniform.

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Then things get random: The Swedish actor participates in a "duck, duck, goose"-esque game, joins in on some "basketball," blesses a girl in a swimming pool and gets roped into an affair with a cult member.

Something clearly doesn't sit right with him, because the next thing you know, the ab-tastic Skarsgard takes off his robe (the 5:38 mark) and everything comes full circle.

Free Your Mind hits stores Nov. 5.

Watch the video below.

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