Apple Is Letting Users Remove That Free U2 Album With One Click

The website rids a user's library of the "purchase" permanently

It’s a beautiful day for iTunes users who were upset to find a U2 album in their library last week.

Apple has launched a one-click support website allowing dissatisfied users to permanently remove U2’s Songs of Innocence less than a week after the company gifted the set to 500 million iTunes users, ahead of its bonus package release for retailers.

Apple announced the release during a company event that revealed the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch on Sept. 9, which CEO Tim Cook called "the largest album release of all time." The album has already been "experienced" 33 million times.

Not everyone was happy about this. Some criticized Apple for pushing an album to iTunes users without explicit consent. Odd Future rapper Tyler, the Creator was one of many who expressed his frustration on Twitter.

Caveat emptor (sort of), however: After deleting Songs of Innocence, the support site’s disclaimer says it will no longer be available to re-download as a previous purchase. The album remains free for users to download until Oct. 13.

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