Betty White Gets 'Provocative' in Brit Smith Music Video

The 91-year-old actress shows off her dance moves.

Betty White shows off her dance moves in the music video for up-and-coming singer Brit Smith's first single, "Provocative."

When Smith holds a dance class above White's apartment, the 91-year-old Golden Girls star decides to hit the dance floor to show the singer some moves when the music gets unbearably loud -- causing items to fall off tables, shelves and television sets.

It takes nearly the entire song for White to finally make her way to the dance studio, but when she does, it's memorable. "Turn that music off!" she bellows across the room. "Alright bitches, wanna know how to move provocative? Check this out ...," before joining in on the dance party.

Produced by Timbaland, "Provocative" features Black Eyed Peas'

Watch the video below.