Blink-182 to Release New EP by Christmas

Blink 182 Live Show 2011
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Blink 182 Live Show 2011

The pop-punkers of Blink-182 are promising that they'll have some new songs released before the end of the year.

"We're releasing some new blink-182 songs in a few weeks. Watch this space," wrote the band's bassist and singer Mark Hoppus on Twitter yesterday. Singer Tom Delonge added, "New Blink EP for x mas."

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The band parted ways with Universal Music Group's Interscope Records in October. "It's been a long, amazing journey with them, starting with Cargo records, then MCA, then Geffen, and finally Interscope, but the time has come to move on," Hoppus told MTV when the news was announced.

Tom Delonge was less diplomatic, tweeting a picture of Mel Gibson in Braveheart and writing, "Freedom!! Blink as of today, is now an independent Artist!!!!!"

Blink-182 is scheduled to tour in Australia beginning on February 20, 2013, according to the band's website. Hoppus recently denied to MTV News a rumor that the band may join up with fellow '90's punkers Green Day for another "Pop Disaster" co-headlining tour.

In an interview with CBS Local he stated that when the band returns from its Australian tour, it will get to work on a full-length album.

"Ideally, it would be out by the end of 2013, but you never know when you get into the studio how long things are going to take. Left to our own devices we would take forever to record an album, because we love experimenting and we like changing things around and trying different ideas," Hoppus said.

There was eight years between the band's self-titled 2003 album and Neighborhoods, the band's last major label release, which debuted on the Billboard 200 chart in September 2011 with 151,000 copies sold in its first week.