B.o.B., Taylor Swift Rep For the Underdogs in 'Both Of Us' Clip (Video)

B.o.B. Taylor Swift Both of Us Video - H 2012

B.o.B. Taylor Swift Both of Us Video - H 2012

B.o.B's latest collaboration with Taylor Swift, "Both Of Us," tells the story about the world's underdogs and their hardships. The accompanying video, released Wednesday, June 27, showcases the everyday person living in Nashville, their struggles and their good times.

The video opens up with B.o.B. standing before a small American flag then cuts to Swift singing the song's hook in a dark lit pool hall. B.o.B. then takes to the traintracks and streets to deliver his verses while Swift croons the hook in a pictaresque field while donning a white cotton dress.

Footage of the artists is interspliced with scenes of life in Nashville's less glamorous neighborhoods in attempt to show the life of millions of the real world's "underdogs."

The lyrics are perfectly displayed through out the "Both of Us" video. "Most of us aint Hollywood actors, but if it's all for one, and one for all, then maybe one day we all can ball. Do it one time for the underdogs. Sincerely yours, from one of y'all," B.o.B raps

Watch the video below.


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