Wango Tango 2012: B.o.B Talks O.A.R. Olympic Collaboration (Video)

Acronymed artists, rapper B.o.B and rock band O.A.R., were recently approached by Duracell to collaborate on the London Olympics theme song "Champions." The resulting anthem, written by O.A.R., was released last week by the company, just in time to prep for the summer games.

"Duracell approached me and O.A.R. about the prestigious and ever so encouraging record called 'Champion,' which O.A.R. already had," B.o.B. told The Hollywood Reporter just before taking the stage at KIIS-FM's Wango Tango. "They wanted me to get on it and be a part of the record."

Coincidentally, B.o.B is no stranger to the song's lyrical content, having released a track titled "I am the Champion" on his May 25 mixtape back in 2010.

The athematic song features B.o.B rapping the verses, while O.A.R. frontman Marc Roberge drives home the anthemic chorus and bridge. With positive lyrics like, "We all hunger for victory," and "There's no giving up," it's the perfect fit for a song to get athletes energized and ready to go for the gold.

"It was a really good experience in the studio. Very organic ,very natural," B.o.B said. "A band like O.A.R., their lead singer is amazing. We clicked just like that and the song came out perfectly."

At the 15th annual star-studded Saturday concert, B.o.B -- also know as Bobby Ray -- hit the stage following the Gym Class Heroes for a five-song set that included his breakout hit, "Nothing on You," and his latest single, "So Good." Unfortunately, "Champion" didn't make the cut.

Watch the music video for the "Champion," featuring B.o.B and O.A.R., in the video below.

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