Bon Jovi Keyboardist Wears Google Glass Onstage (Video)

David Bryan sported the camera during a performance of "Wanted Dead or Alive" at a recent concert.
David Bergman
Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi is giving Google Glass a good name.

The rock band brought the wearable camera on stage with them during their recent show at New Jersey's MetLife Stadium and posted a YouTube video of the experience.

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Keyboardist David Bryan wore the gadget for part of his performance of "Wanted Dead or Alive," according to Mashable.

In the YouTube video, embedded below, you can see Bryan trying out Google Glass before the show, the camera making its way to the stage and being handed to Bryan, and the keyboardist's blond hair swinging in front of the lens as he performs.

"Glass and wearable-technology is an example of another step in consumer-facing innovation that will change how we share the music experience with our fans in the future," Bryan told Mashable via e-mail. "This is relatively uncharted territory for the quick-moving developer community and I am excited to see what is created."

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Lead singer Jon Bon Jovi reportedly also has tested Google Glass.

The Glass came from documentary filmmaker Chris Barrett.

Barrett told Mashable that he envisioned more bands using Google Glass during their shows, with a professional audio feed and some sort of revenue model that would allow the group to benefit from capturing the footage and possibly streaming it.