Bono Plays Wedding Singer for Warren Buffett's Granddaughter (Video)

The U2 frontman sang "Stand by Me" on Friday night in front of 285 guests.
Getty Images

Bono (née Paul David Hewson) took center stage as he sang at Warren Buffett's family wedding in Omaha, Neb.

U2's lead singer performed a rendition of Ben E. King's "Stand by Me" for the billionaire's granddaughter, Emily Greenberg, who wed Thomas Threlkeld. A guest who attended the Friday night ceremony posted a video on YouTube.

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Bono serenaded 285 wedding guests -- including Buffett and his three children, Susie, Howard and Peter -- on Friday, as first reported by the Omaha World-Herald.

In June, Bono surprised Buffett at this year's Forbes 400 Philanthropy Summit where he dedicated the tune "Home on the Range" to the wealthy Berkshire Hathaway CEO.

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The Buffetts and Bono have bonded since working on similar philanthropic causes, with Susie serving on the board of the DATA (Debt, AIDS, Trade, Africa) charity, which Bono co-founded in 2002.

Watch Bono's performance below.