Brandy and Monica Take Reunion Single to 'Tonight Show' (Video)

Brandi Monica Jay Leno - H 2012

Brandi Monica Jay Leno - H 2012

Once you stop counting how many times "Facebook" is mentioned in their new tune, Brandy and Monica's "It All Belongs to Me" serves as a solid showcase for two voices that reached their pop culture pinnacle 14 years ago.

And the two can also still give a pretty good live performance.

Their follow-up of sorts to "The Boy is Mine" saw its TV debut on on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno Thursday night. And in between the awkwardly modern Internet references and a concluding shout-out to Whitney Houston, the song (and performance) is a nostalgia-sating 4 minutes and 4 seconds.

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They aren't fighting over a man this time around, so much as arguing over their respective (mutual?) significant other's shortcomings. They want him out. And he can leave his stuff behind -- like a less heartbreaking version of Beyonce's "Irreplaceable."

Recently speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, both Brandy and Monica addressed why they felt like 2012 was the right time to team up again.

"Comfortability in who we are," said Monica, "love of music, love of our children, having so many things in common brought us full circle musically and then finding the song was the very last element."

"The song was so special," Brandy chimed in, "We [have] both been through a lot of different things in our lives, and we just wanted to say something completely different than the boy is mine and I'm just happy to be working with Monica again, this is truly a blessing."

Out Feb. 10 on iTunes, the tune has yet to consistently crack the Top 200, but it should get more play over the coming months when it appears on Monica's New Life album (out Mar. 6) and Brandy's forthcoming venture with RCA's Chameleon Records.

Watch the full performance on Leno below: