Bruce Springsteen's Trucks Ticketed at His Own Show

The E Street Band was the first act to play the new arena in Leeds, where authorities have ordered an investigation into the citations.
Robert Mora

Members of Bruce Springsteen’s road crew were issued parking tickets Wednesday just before the E Street Band’s show at Leeds Arena.

Springsteen's was the first act to play at the new U.K. venue, but that didn’t stop local authorities from ticketing trucks carrying the group’s equipment, which were illegally parked on a side street next to the venue. The trucks were parked in an area with double-yellow lines and outside the designated unloading zone.

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The tickets have been revoked by the Leeds City Council, which has ordered an investigation into the matter, according to BBC News.

“It was somebody being a little bit stupid and zealous,” said Keith Wakefield, Labour leader of Leeds Council. “It is an awareness thing. The lorries are supposed to park offsite and then be called into the arena."

A spokesman added, “We accept this is a little embarrassing, but the attendant was doing his job -- if a little too efficiently.”

"These were somewhat unusual circumstances with a very large tour involving a tight turnaround of vehicles arriving from the previous night's show in Cardiff on the opening night of a brand new venue,” he said.

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