Celine Dion Covers Adele's 'Rolling in the Deep': Who Sang It Better? (Audio)

Celine's Heart Goes On (For Oprah)
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Canada's Vegas staple sings a tribute to her pal Winfrey. Chest-beats and tears are likely.


Celine Dion returned to the Las Vegas stage with a triumphant tribute to another diva with a full set of pipes.

Resuming her Sin City residency, Dion -- she of "My Heart Will Go On," and other soaring ballads -- covered Adele's ubiquitous hit "Rolling in the Deep" over the weekend, and she's probably the only artist who could successfully pull it off.

"I love Adele so much, she's amazing," cooed Dion to the crowd, which cheered back in approval.

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Her version of the song is a near-perfect match for Adele's sultry and powerful original, but with a touch more Dion-esque drama. (You can imagine the Grammy winner pounding her chest, "My Heart Will Go On"-style, in an emotional display of stage theatrics.)

Which begs the question: who sang it best? Listen to Dion's interpretation, and leave your comments below.