Chris Brown's 'Don't Think They Know' Video Features Aaliyah Hologram (Video)

Aaliyah - Head Shot - P - 2009
Time Life Pictures/Getty Images

Chris Brown’s new video for his song “Don’t Think They Know” features a posthumous vocal and visual performance by Aaliyah.

The late R&B artist can be heard on the track’s hook, and two holographic image of the "Try Again" singer are projected on either side of Brown as he dances alone in a dark room.

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The video has an overarching message of nonviolence, with Brown playing the peacemaker between two warring Los Angeles gangs (a likely reference to the Bloods and the Crips). 

The clip closes with a commemoration for Brown’s friend Michael "Lil Frogg" Reshard, an up-and-coming Compton rapper who was gunned down in front of a local liquor store earlier this year.

"Don't Think They Know" will be on Brown's upcoming album, X, out July 16.

“This album has a lot of substance, from the subject matter and the situations to how it deals with love,” the “Look at Me Now” rapper told Rolling Stone in an interview, “It's really derived from personal experiences.”

Watch the video for "Don't Think They Know" below: