Courtney Love Stars in E-Cigarette Ad (Video)

Courtney Love eCig ad screen grab L

Courtney Love is following Stephen Dorff’s lead in becoming a spokesperson for an eCigarette brand.

NJOY, an electronic cigarette available at 50,000 retail locations throughout the U.S., and the only vapor-based Nicotine delivery system to have its marketing practices reviewed by Federal District and Appellate Courts, has hired the Hole rocker to star in a new ad.

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Unlike Dorff’s endorsement of Blu from a beachside location, Love demonstrates the eCig’s odor-free appeal indoors. The singer is shown puffing away by a window during a hoity-toity event. Chastised by the presumptive host, Love tells the woman, “Relax, it's a f---ing NJOY."

The clip ends with a snippet from Hole's hit song, "Celebrity Skin."

Watch the ad below:

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