Creed's Scott Stapp Slams President Obama

Scott Stapp - NASCAR Sprint Cup Series All-Star Race - 2010
Jason Smith/Getty Images

Creed frontman Scott Stapp says he feels let down by President Obama.

"I voted for President Obama (in 2008), and where I stand with that right now -- I'm just disappointed, and had very high hopes and expectations, and was really inspired by President Obama. And I still am. He's am amazing speaker. But I've just found ... his Administration ineffective. A lot of promises but no real delivery," the singer said Tuesday in an interview on Fox & Friends, via Gawker. (See video here.)

Stapp didn't officially endorse Mitt Romney, however, saying of Obama's GOP rival: "Where's the plan? Lay it out, so the American people can understand it."

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Earlier this year, Creed embarked on a 2 Night tour playing the full track lists from their albums My Own Prison and Human Clay. (The rock band is as polarizing as any politician, dividing fans who love Stapp's super-intense emo ballads and critics who slam the group, along with Nickelback for that matter, as purveyors of bad taste. Case in point: Creed was a running joke on an episode of Fox's New Girl last week, with Zooey Deschanel's character confessing to her date -- a doofy super fan -- that she hates the band.)

On Tuesday, Stapp released a memoir, Sinner's Creed, chronicling his personal highs and lows including drug addiction and a past suicide attempt.

Back to politics, "My heart and soul would really love someone like Reagan, or FDR, to come back and give us a new deal. Be bold. Be committed. Don't care what anybody thinks," he told Fox & Friends.

He added: "For me it's hard to commit and to trust .. President Obama again."

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