Daft Punk Reveals New Album Track List Via Vine (Video)

Daft Punk Random Access Memories cover P

French DJ duo Daft Punk continues the buildup for its forthcoming album Random Access Memories by releasing the track list on video app Vine.

Columbia Records, the Sony-owned label which signed the band earlier this year, tweeted a link to the six-second clip on April 16, which runs through 13 song names (see list below).

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The highly anticipated album is due out on May 17 and features collaborations with Pharrell Williams, famed disco producer Giorgio Moroder, Chic guitarist and producer Nile Rodgers and EDM remixer and artist Todd Edwards.

Daft Punk have been teasing bits of R.A.M.’s music and visuals via traditional means (a commercial during Saturday Night Live, a billboard on the Sunset strip, poster sniping campaigns in major cities), but in keeping with the unpredictability of the pioneering act, have also debuted snippets in between sets at Coachella (prompting rumors of a surprise appearance at the California festival).

See the full track list and watch the Vine video below:

"Give Life Back to Music"
"The Game Of Love"
"Giorgio by Moroder"
"Instant Crush"
"Lose Yourself To Dance"
“Get Lucky"
"Fragments of Time"
"Doin' It Right"

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