Daft Punk's 'Random Access Memories' Now Streaming on iTunes (Video)

All 13 new tracks from the French dance maestros can be heard online -- plus get a load of the "Thriller"-inspired track listing font.

Some call it the savviest multimedia marketing campaign to hit the music business in ages. Others call it robot tickle-torture.

Whatever you want to call it, there certainly has been no shortage of snippets, previews, teases and mysterious plugs of Daft Punk's forthcoming LP, Random Access Memories -- their first proper album in eight years.

But now, the wait finally is over.

While the album will be available for purchase May 21, its 13 tracks currently are streaming for free on iTunes. Click this link to access it, then hit the blue "view in iTunes" button to launch the application, then click "Listen Now."

"But what will the packaging look like?" you might ask.

In "Unboxed," we get our first glimpse at the vinyl sleeve. The promo video takes us down the blinking corridor of the Daft Punk mothership to a control panel where the new release sits.

Chrome-adorned hands unwrap the packaging, revealing the now-familiar, split-mask cover art on the front and Thriller-inspired cursive track listing on the back.

Inside the gatefold is a two-tiered keyboard encased in Lucite and glowing an unearthly blue. For some reason, the keyboard is upside-down.

Daft Punk is back. Now get down.

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