F---ed Up Frontman Damian Abraham Slams Katy Perry on Twitter

The hardcore rocker blasted the pop star for "glamorizing war to sell records to idiots" on her "Part of Me" music video.
Michael Buckner/Getty Images

F---ed Up's Damian Abraham dislikes Katy Perry.

OK, that's an understatement. In a crass, disturbing rant on Twitter, the hardcore rock musician sniped: "Seeing Katy Perry as a soldier in 'Part of Me' really makes me think that we need to start a war so she can go die."

Unsurprisingly, his bitter tweet about Perry's "Part of Me" video ignited an angry backlash among Perry fans on the microblogging site. Abraham retweeted one such message, which reads as follows: "or ... you can go die! World would be a better place without you're ugly beardy fat face!"

An unapologetic Abraham answered critics in a follow-up post on Thursday, writing: "Yes I'm aware my last tweet was kinda dumb but so is glamorizing war to sell records to idiots. Katy Perry Still Sucks."

Meanwhile, Perry -- by all accounts, a globally successful recording artist and hit-song factory -- has just been named NARM Artist of the Year. Her 2010 Teenage Dream album has scored five No. 1's on the Billboard Hot 100, tying the record set by Michael Jackson's Bad in 1987-88.

On Monday, she reissued the record with three bonus tracks including "Part of Me." The music video for the empowerment-themed song features Perry enlisting in the Marines and sporting military fatigues in a not-so-subtle acknowledgment of her recent divorce from Russell Brand. The video was filmed at the Camp Pendleton Marine base in Oceanside, Calif.

As for Abraham, his band F---ed Up dropped its third studio album, David Come to Life, in June. It earned critical acclaim and debuted at No. 83 on the Billboard 200 chart.