City of Warren, Ohio Honors Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl; Breaks World Record With Giant Drumsticks

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The City of Warren, Ohio, some 20 minutes from the Pennsylvania border in the northeast corner of the state, is famous for several things: it houses the first two-story McDonald's, a memorial in honor of Neil Armstrong was built there, and it marks the birthplace of Nirvana drummer and Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl -- first with his own alley in 2009, and as of this weekend, with a giant pair of drumsticks. 

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And by giant, we mean Guinness book of World Records-breaking: 900 pounds to be exact. The pair of poplar log wood replicas will be on display at the Warren Amphitheater through September, following their unveiling tonight, July 7, after which they'll be moved to, you guessed it, David Grohl Alley.

As a gesture of thanks, Grohl tweeted a message today that read, "To the wonderful city of Warren, from the bottom of my heart I'd like to thank you all so much... For the childhood memories. For my family. For my very own alley. For the world's largest drumsticks! And for all of your support... But most of all for being such a great community. One that makes me proud to say... I am from Warren, Ohio!"

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Grohl was born in Warren in 1969. His family relocated to a Virginia suburb of Washington, DC when the future rocker was still a toddler. There, he would be exposed to the local punk rock scene and take in hundreds of shows at the 9:30 Club. 

Watch a short (sideways) video of the sticks being shaped below:  

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Update: On July 19, a rep for Guinness World Records contacted THR to say that the organization, "has not formally received a record proposal regarding the impressive set of drum sticks. We are open to assessing the possibility if it being a new record, upon review of evidence submitted to our records management team."