David Bowie Video Gets Adult-Only YouTube Rating

The singer's latest video for "The Next Day" stars Marion Cotillard as a saint-like character and Gary Oldman as a priest.

LONDON –  David Bowie's latest video featuring him playing a Christ-like figure with Marion Cotillard as a sort of saint in a basque and Gary Oldman as a sleazy-looking priest has landed an adult-only rating from YouTube.

The video for the third single from his album The Next Day for the song of the same name spent some of its release day Wednesday unavailable on YouTube, having been temporarily removed by the video-sharing website.

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At the time a screenshot said the video had been taken down because its content violated YouTube's terms of service.

Viewers aged 18 and above can now sign in to see the film directed by avant-garde filmmaker Floria Sigismondi.

A spokeswoman for Google-owned YouTube told The Guardian newspaper that the service re-instated the video on its service after making it age-restricted.

The video ends with Bowie still in character thanking Cotillard and Oldman and "everybody" for taking part in it.