Demi Lovato Unveils 'Demi' Album with 'Release Timer' Twitter Campaign

Demi Lovato Album Cover H 2013
Hollywood Records

Demi Lovato's fourth studio album, Demi, doesn't hit stores until next Tuesday -- May 14 -- but the pop singer is currently unveiling the new full-length in its entirety through a time-themed Twitter campaign in which fans can "unlock" new songs by making them trending topics.

On Monday afternoon, Lovato asked her 13.7 million Twitter followers, "Who wants to hear my album RIGHT NOW???" and offered a link to her website, which redirected to the URL The site displays a timeline featuring all of the album's 13 songs, as well as a large clock that turns as more fans tweet out, in order, the song titles in the track list.

"Tweet the hashtag above to speed up time!" a message on the site reads, and the hands of the clock turn while each new song is "unlocked." So far, "Without the Love," "Neon Lights" and "Two Pieces" have become worldwide trending topics before they were unveiled in completed form, and the campaign garnered over 100,000 tweets within an hour's time.

Demi, due out next week on Hollywood Records, is Lovato's highly anticipated follow-up to 2011's Unbroken, which spawned the smash single "Give Your Heart a Break." "Heart Attack," Lovato's current single, clocked in at No. 12 on last week's Hot 100 chart.