It's Beatles Tuesday as Double-Decker Buses Sell Band's Remastered Vinyl in L.A. and N.Y.

Beatles pop up bus L

If you happen to swing by Capitol Records on Vine Street around midmorning on Tuesday, you'll probably see a double-decker bus emblazoned with the Beatles logo, smiling faces of the Fab Four and the green Apple Records logo. That's the place to pick up an impulse buy of, say, a few newly remastered Beatles studio album vinyls.

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On Nov. 13, these buses will be operating as pop-up shops in select locations in Los Angeles and New York to promote the release of the remastered 180-gram vinyl recordings of the fourteen Beatles albums (see image of box set contents below).

In addition to the Capitol Records stop, other L.A. destinations where the buses will appear include downtown's L.A. Live and the ICE skating rink in Santa Monica, according to a press release. Also sold at the buses will be the restored versions of Beatles film Yellow Submarine and Magical Mystery Tour.

Sean Magee, mastering engineer for Abbey Road studios, spoke to Rolling Stone about how the remastered vinyl set -- which arrive a little more three years after the remastered albums appeared on CD -- came to be.

"These were never going to be released until they were ready," Magee said. "Nowadays you kind of have to cut things as fast as you possibly can, because the meter's running [in the studio]. This job was a pleasure, because we didn't have that." 

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And, on the eve of the vinyl release, some old debates may have been settled. In response to Paul McCartney's recent assertion that, no, Yoko Ono shouldn't be scapegoated for the band's break-up decades ago, Ono said she was grateful to the ex-Beatle for his comments. 

"I thought people knew that I was not responsible, but surprisingly, many people still felt that. He was very brave. So I'd like to say 'Thank you, Paul," said Ono in an interview with The Guardian this past weekend.

Here are the announced locations and times that the Beatles buses will be appearing, as stated in the release:

New York:

* Midtown (9:30am – 11am):  Seventh Avenue, between 49th Street and 50th Street

* SoHo (12pm – 1:30pm):  Broadway, between Prince Street and Spring Street

* Wall Street (2:30pm – 4pm):  Broadway, between Cortlandt Street and Liberty Street

Los Angeles:

* Hollywood (9:30am – 11am):  Capitol Records, 1750 North Vine Street

* Santa Monica (12pm – 1:30pm):  ICE at Santa Monica, 1324 5th Street at Arizona Avenue (seasonal ice skating rink)

* Downtown (2:30pm – 4pm):  L.A. Live, at Olympic Boulevard and South Figueroa Street