Early Radiohead Demo Tapes Look to Fetch Big Payday with 'Buy It Now' Price of $50K on EBay

Radiohead demo tapes screengrab L

It's not quite the comeback of the cassette, but one enterprising eBay member has his eye on a big payday selling four very old tapes. The contents: early Radiohead demos.

The San Diego-based top-rated seller 619andyp, who's also affiliated with Ebay store Extremely Rare Records, is auctioning a pack of four early Radiohead cassettes (going back to when the band was called On A Friday, then Shindig, and finally settling on the name Radiohead) with a "Buy It Now" price set at $49,999.99. Interested fans are welcome to make other offers, but so far 11 have been turned down.

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The seller does not include tracklists, or any description other than the comment, "Greatest band in the world," but from the photo (see above), the collection looks to include an untitled 1991 demo, and the Manic Hedgehog demo, which include tracks "Stop Whispering," "I Can't," "Thinking About You" and "You," which later made it onto Radiohead's 1993 debut album, Pablo Honey.

He is also offering the 1991 demo and Manic Hedgehog separately for $14,999.99 each.

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Seller 619andyp did not respond to The Hollywood Reporter's request for an interview. 

Other items in his store include an Elliott Smith handwritten and signed set list from 1996 for $19,999, a collection of early Sub Pop fanzines and cassettes for $9,999.99 and several Nirvana test pressings of various releases, each selling for $9,999.99 as well.

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