'X Factor's' Melanie Amaro Earns 'Respect' for Pepsi Super Bowl Commercial With Elton John (Video)

Melanie Amaro Pepsi Super Bowl Commercial 2012
Bader TV

X Factor may be imploding at the moment, but its inaugural champ Melanie Amaro is bursting with joy over shooting a Pepsi Super Bowl commercial with superstar Elton John.

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“People are going to go crazy,” Season 1 alum Stacy Francis tells The Hollywood Reporter about the commercial. “There's some more surprises in it. People are going to go really crazy. It's amazing and she sounds amazing, she looks amazing. That was really great that I had a chance to see that.”

The commercial takes place in a royal court and guess who its queen, er King, is. John is apparently holding a talent competition and Amaro plays a warrior princess who presents herself for the opportunity of procuring treasure (Pepsi, duh) to the king. Plus, she finds an opportunity to sing a club version of Aretha Franklin’s “Respect” while she’s at it.

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“She oozes personality,” John says of the X Factor winner on-set. “You can see it by talking to her. She’s very voluptuous. She’s cheeky. She’s fun.”

Watch a behind the scenes video on the commercial below.