Flying Lotus Short Film Selected for Sundance (Video)

Kahlil Joseph's film draws from three songs by the L.A. experimental musician and producer.

The King of the Los Angeles underground beat scene, experimental producer Flying Lotus' video clip “Until the Quiet Comes,” directed by Kahlil Joseph, has been selected by the Sundance Film Festival for its 2013 Short Film Program.

"Crazy that the short was invited into the festival," Joseph tells The Hollywood Reporter. "I love Sundance so much, I was going to go this year anyway just as a fan, but now we get to go there with purpose. It means the world to me."

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The short draws three songs from Flying Lotus' newest album by the same name, which is receiving broad critical recognition itself on many year-end best-of lists and features guests Erykah Badu and Thom Yorke. In beautiful cinematic shots, Joseph's film is a collage of images showing first a man struggling underwater, a child in an empty pool imagining gangster life alone, then shot and bleeding out. Next, the kid is playing with friends through twilight shots. In L.A.'s Nickerson Gardens projects, a man lays dead, shot in the chest, but then rises and dances in fluid moves to a lowrider waiting on the street, unnoticed by the crowd looking on. It's life's dance and his final steps, cruel, brutal and beautiful, as he's driven away to the afterlife; a poetic glimpse at life in the ghetto.

More than 8,000 shorts were submitted to Sundance this year and only 65 received this inclusion. In a statement Trevor Groth, Director of Programming for the Sundance Film Festival, said, “The selections represent the immensely varied and dynamic approaches to storytelling that will inspire audiences with their huge accomplishments within a limited timeframe.”

More of Joseph's work can be found through his What Matters Most film co-operative.

Watch the film below.