Foo Fighters' 'Million-Dollar Demos' Leaked (Audio)

Foo Fighters

Happy to be nominated and performing, the Foo Fighters hold hands on the Grammy carpet in their loosely coordinated black ensembles.

The Foo Fighters' long-lost "million-dollar demos" have leaked online.

The pair of demos in question (see audio below) were recorded in 2001 during studio sessions for the band's One By One album, which was spiked amid internal tension among frontman Dave Grohl and his bandmates. Drummer Taylor Hawkins, who was on the verge of caling it quits along with the entire group, has referred to the recordings as the "million-dollar demos."

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The Foos, however, resurrected the record  following a successful concert at Coachella; they released One By One, along with slicker editions of the leaked tracks "Have It All" and "Come Back," in 2002.

Take a listen here: