Fun. Goes to War and Back in 'Some Nights' Clip (Video)

Fun. Some Nights Video - H 2012

Fun. Some Nights Video - H 2012

Theatrical and altogether grandiose in scope, fun.'s new music video for the single "Some Nights" tells the story of two lovers separated by the harsh realities of the Civil War.

The video features scenes of the band performing on a rickety stage interspersed with flashes of beards, muskets and intrigue, a loose storyline that somehow comes to a fitting conclusion by the mini-movie's end.

Following a wordless minute-long introduction that sets up the starry eyed boy and girl, lead singer Nate Ruess takes the song's lyrics "this is it boys / this is war" to their most literal extreme as he stands in front of a backdrop of gunpowder and American flags.

The band, complete with old-timey instruments and well-coiffed hair, stands out in stark contrast to the soldiers running haphazardly across the battlefield, offering fleeting glances at fun. as they dash by with a bigger mission in mind. There may be a war afoot, but fun. is only interested in keeping the troops entertained.

Rounded out with a spoken word interlude and an unexpected moment of heavy autotune as the song comes to crashing conclusion, the video finishes with an uncertain future looming over the protagonists' heads.

"Oh lord I'm still not sure what I stand for," Ruess sings as he and his bandmates attempt to improve morale among the scuffed-up soldiers. In the expressive "Some Nights" video, however, fun. shows that it stands for the same message of exuberant youthfulness that runs rampant in the band's hit, "We Are Young."


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