Gavin DeGraw to Finish 'Sweeter' Follow-Up 'Within the Month'; Expect New Single by June

Gavin DeGraw Save Haven Premiere P 2013
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Gavin DeGraw fans: New music is coming sooner than you may have thought.

In fact, come time for the singer’s summer tour with Train and The Script, he could be performing never-before-heard tracks off his upcoming Sweeter follow-up.

“As far as being done-done with the album, I would say within the month,” DeGraw tells The Hollywood Reporter. “We really hit it pretty hard as far as getting everything together as efficiently as possible and not wasting much time.”

And with his first tour date scheduled for June 15 in Orlando, Fla., fans should expect to hear his new single in about “six weeks,” DeGraw says.

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“I’m not even sure what I’m gonna call the record,” he admits, stopping just shy of revealing the name of his forthcoming single. “I don’t want to jump the gun,” he says.

Fans can expect plenty more collaborations with Ryan Tedder, who co-wrote “Sweeter” and “Not Over You” off DeGraw’s last album.

“We've been corresponding quite a bit and we've actually been back and forth with lyrics,” DeGraw says. “We video chat -- we’re very modern in that way,” he jokes. “A lot of telecommunication helping in the communication process.”

The artist, who rose to fame when his 2004 hit single “I Don’t Wanna Be” was selected as the opening theme for teen drama One Tree Hill, marvels at how the recording process has changed since then.

“It’s really, really nuts,” he says, recalling the makeshift recording studio that he and Tedder built in a Denver, Colo., hotel. “The evolution is just insane. It changes from having to be at a legitimate studio to ‘Oh, you can get a lot done in your hotel room with two pieces of equipment.’”

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While DeGraw puts the finishing touches on his fifth studio album, he’s also busy deciding -- simply put -- what to wear next.

“We're in that phase right now where we’re thinking about what the album sounds like, what the first single sounds like and what clothes match that sound,” he says, adding with a hearty laugh: “It’s a really funny way of simplifying it. You start thinking, ‘What shirt matches the sound of this?’ and ‘What hat matches these lyrics?’”

Fans can check out DeGraw (and his hats) on stage this summer. Tickets are available here.

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