Gina Rodriguez Raps on Emotional 'Filly Brown' Track (Exclusive Audio)

"This is My Life" was written by the film's composer, Reza Safinia.
Getty Images
Gina Rodriguez and Reza Safinia

Filly Brown star Gina Rodriguez is shooting for the big time in “This is My Life,” a track from the film debuted exclusively by The Hollywood Reporter.

The song, performed by Rodriguez and rapper Diamonique, was written by Reza Safinia, the film’s composer and music supervisor. Safinia, who has produced for stars such as Kylie Minogue, previously assisted in sessions with artists such as Wu-Tang Clan and Terror Squad.

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Filly Brown, which stars Rodriguez as an aspiring Los Angeles hip-hop musician, follows the title character as she goes from underground artist to legitimate pop star. As such, Safinia had to create music matching the artist at various levels of polish and success.

Co-directors Youssef Delara and Michael Olmos said Safinia trained Rodriguez by guiding her to talk about her life while listening to music through headphones. Eventually, she was comfortable enough to turn those words into flowing rap lyrics.

Filly Brown is in theaters now. It also stars Jenni Rivera, Lou Diamond Phillips and Edward James Olmos. Listen to “This is My Life” below.