Green Day Gets 'Lustful' With 'Oh Love' (Video)

Green Day Performing LA 8/6  - H 2012
Jeff Miller

Green Day Performing LA 8/6  - H 2012

There’s no political agenda behind Green Day’s latest video, but there are lots of models—and a shot of Billie Joe Armstrong sharing spaghetti with one of them ala Lady and the Tramp.

“Oh Love” is the first in what promises to be a slew of videos from the band in next year, as they prepare to unleash a trilogy of albums, ¡Uno!, ¡Dos! and ¡Tré!.

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The band described their new video as a “tension ballad.”

“Instead of pulling at your heart strings, it's like a noose pulling at your heart a little bit, and trying to keep your emotions intact," Armstrong told MTV. "It's very lustful, which is kind of a subject we haven't gotten into in a long time.”

Bassist Mike Dirnt, who can be seen giving some lustful looks of his own in the video, added: “It's about tension between your heart and other parts of your body.”

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The first in the trilogy of albums from Reprise Records hits stores Sept. 25, with the second and third installments following on Nov. 13, and Jan. 15, 2013, respectively.

Watch the video below.

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