'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' Trailer Score Released as Single

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Lawrence Hutcherson on Stage - H 2013

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Lawrence Hutcherson on Stage - H 2013

Traditionally, a track composed specifically for a film trailer isn’t treated as its own song, deserving of an individual release. But for T.T.L., an electronic project formed of musical artist Tying Tiffany and Italian producer Lorenzo Montana, scoring trailers is an opportunity to create new music than can live outside its initial format. The duo, signed with Brooklyn-based music production and sync agency ZerOKilled Music, has created music for various trailers, including Battleship, The Hunger Games and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. “Beyond Fire,” which is featured in the recent trailer for Catching Fire, was released via iTunes on Friday and functions as an autonomous single.

The instrumental number, an epic, darkly toned track, falls somewhere between classical orchestration and EDM-tinged ambiance. The pair, who previously penned “Deep Shadow” for the first Hunger Games trailer, wrote the song with the film’s sensibility in mind.

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“There's an extreme confidentiality around the trailers world so, except for a brief description of the plot, they don't give us a lot of information,” Tiffany says. “In the case of The Hunger Games trailers, we actually read the trilogy books to get deeper into the atmosphere of the story. While writing the music we got inspired thinking about the sense of sacrifice, survival and revolution present in the books. It was not too hard to get into this mood, since these are issues that we are living in now, in this moment of history.”

Tiffany, who recently released a solo EP called One and is working on a full-length, and Montana, who will release a collection of “ambient works” titled Eilatix in May, created T.T.L. to pursue another facet of their musical aesthetics, although not necessarily just to score visual works. Releasing the tracks outside of the trailers allows the group a sort of exposure they might not otherwise get. The duo also hopes that the recognition they’ve received for “Beyond Fire” will help them land an entire film score in the near future.

“T.T.L. was born with the idea of making cinematic music and it is different from what we usually do with our solo projects as Tying Tiffany and Lorenzo Montana,” Montana says. “We are excited that with T.T.L., we have the opportunity to bring our music to a different audience.”

ZerOKilled, formed by artist/producer Costanza Francavilla, is equally a record label, publishing company and sync licensing agency, all focused on ambient, electronic-based music. The company both composes original music on request and holds a back catalogue of tracks. For Francavilla, who runs the company and produces music herself, film and TV is an opportunity to expose underground artists who make music that might not otherwise get the spotlight.

“The word spread out in the film industry that I was a filter [for that type of music],” Francavilla says. “To really get the opportunity to get closer to up-and-coming artists who all have their own record releases and touring history. We’re not a trailer house with a big building on Sunset Boulevard. We are a young label and I think what interests the music supervisors and people in the industry is that we have connections to a scene that’s not typical for trailers. I think the trailer world is changing a lot.”

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, starring Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth, will be released in theaters Nov. 22, 2013. The film first trailer, which features “Beyond Fire,” premiered during the MTV Movie Awards earlier this month.