'Hunger Games' and Rihanna's 'We Found Love' Mashed Up in New Viral Song (Video)

The pop star and the hit film make for obvious and catchy partners in the new web hit.
Getty Images; Lionsgate

Rihanna isn't on the newly released soundtrack for The Hunger Games, but a song writing team have found a way to bring the pop star to Panem, after all.

Tom Vader, a young musician out of North Carolina and Matthew Sullivan, a writer in New York, put together a mashup of the electronic beats of Rihanna's hit "We Found Love" and words based on the Katniss-Peeta relationship in the smash Suzanne Collins novel. Then, they made a music video entirely comprised of footage from trailers.

A sample verse: "Girl on fire in the light/ Now we're standing side by side/ As your arrow flashes by/ What it takes to stay alive."

"We thought since Calvin Harris and Rihanna's song works so well in the club, why not bring it to the Arena?" Sullivan, who wrote the lyics, told The Hollywood Reporter. "We thought it'd be interesting to approach the song from Peeta's perspective -- because he's the more romantic one at first. Plus, Katniss's lullabies to Prim and Rue really can't be topped, even by the best remix."

Added Vader, who sings and performs the music, "The Hunger Games and Rihanna are both genre-defying game changers in their industries."

Check out the video below; you can buy the song on iTunes here.