Ice-T Launches New Podcast Show

The rapper and actor of "Law & Order: SVU" will release two episodes per month of "Ice-T: Final Level" on his website and iTunes.

As Ice-T has seamlessly ventured into writing, acting and reality television, the rapper's next media frontier is talk radio, via the podcast, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

Ice-T will co-host Ice-T: Final Level with his longtime friend and manager, Mick Benzo (known as Zulu Beatz on Sirius XM), to discuss relevant issues, take calls from listeners and chat with featured guests from the entertainment world. The show will release new episodes twice a month, beginning Jan. 7.

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"Podcasting is a great next step for me and my guy – it's an uncensored medium, and it's a direct connection with my fans," said Ice-T in a statement. "Mick and I can explore any topic we’re interested in without restrictions, from video games to philosophy to rap and rock. And I also don’t have to leave my crib."

The show's debut episode has Ice-T (real name: Tracy Lauren Marrow) narrating personal experiences while revealing a distaste for those who can’t separate him from his cop character on Law & Order: SVU. He also declares his love for Brad Pitt, his passion for gymnastics and gives practical advice on living and loving.

Created with digital audio firm The Paragon Collective, Ice-T: Final Level will launch free for listeners with sponsors Squarespace and NatureBox.

Ice-T is also set to release a new album as part of the heavy metal band, Body Count, in 2014.

The Ice-T: Final Level podcast will be available via his website and iTunes beginning Jan. 7.

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