Listen to Five Songs from Idris Elba's Nelson Mandela Tribute Album 'mi Mandela'

Idris Elba - H 2014
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British actor Idris Elba — best known for his roles in Pacific Rim, LutherThe Wire and last year's Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom — also includes musician, producer and DJ on his resume and on his newest project those worlds are colliding. It's not a part in a new film but, rather, a new album of original material in tribute to Nelson Mandela and his late father.

The 11-track mi Mandela will come out on Elba's own 7wallace imprint in conjunction with Parlophone Records on Nov. 24, celebrating South African music with the help of South Africa and British collaborators including Mumford & Sons and James Blake. The album's concept originates to the filming of Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom in Johannesburg, South Africa, where Elba was inspired to continue making music.

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In anticipation of that release, Elba has put out five songs for streaming, including lead single "Aero Mathata," "You Give Me Love," featuring Maverick Sabre; "So Many People," featuring Shaun Escoffery; "Thank You For Freedom"; and "Tree," featuring Audra Mae and Cody ChesnuTT.

Listen to the tracks below, followed by the full mi Mandela track list.

mi Mandela track list:

"Aero Mathata"
"So Many People" feat. Shaun Escoffery
"You Give Me Love" feat. Maverick Sabre
"Thank You For Freedom"
"One" feat. George The Poet
"mi Mandela"
"Tree" feat. Audra Mae & Cody ChesnuTT
"Home" feat. Maverick Sabre
"Nothembi Jam"
"Hold On" feat. Thabo & George The Poet
"Soldiers Don't Back Down"

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