Is L.A. Reid Trying to Turn a Filthy Song Into the Next Big Hit? (Video)

TeeFLii's "This Dick" dropped in 2012, but a new Epic record deal will see it rereleased and heavily promoted.

The song is called "This Dick," the artist is TeeFLii, and if L.A. Reid has his way, you'll be singing along to its X-rated lyrics sometime very soon.

A Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter-producer who was once featured krumping in David LaChappelle's 2005 dance documentary Rize, TeeFLii dropped the nasty, catchy single (sample lyric: "She wanna f--k me/Well, I'm trying to f--k her too/So I give her this dick/Yeah I give her this dick/Yeah she want this dick") back in 2012.

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But Sony-owned Epic, which Reid oversees, is rereleasing "This Dick" and throwing the full muscle of the record company behind it in the months to come, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. The signing comes just weeks after the release of TeeFlii's self-produced mix tape, Fireworks, a collaboration between the 25-year-old R&B artist and DJ Mustard.

The singer, born Christian Jones, announced the news on his Twitter feed July 26, first writing, "Life is #EPIC." On Monday, he revealed he was flying from L.A. to New York City to meet Reid. "Now here to meet up wit LA Reid," he wrote on Instagram accompanied by a photo of the Sony Music headquarters. "Wassup NY stern up @ Epic Records."

Despite the adult themes of his breakout single, TeeFlii insists he's a religious person.

"I know God. I've got my own friendship with God," he recently told LA Weekly. "I know how to thank God, and I know how to praise God in advance. And I don't have to go to church to do that. It all starts with faith. If you believe, that's all that matters."