J. Cole Fan Threatens to Kill Sister if Rapper Doesn't Retweet Him

J. Cole

Jay-Z protege J. Cole put on a perfectly respectable showing, featuring "In the Morning," "Nobody's Perfect," and "Work Out."

While Twitter gives fans unprecedented access to their favorite stars, one J. Cole admirer took things to a frightening level on the eve of Cole’s Born Sinner release date.

A teen that goes by the username “That Aint My Kid” posted a photo Monday depicting a gun aimed at a young girl. In his tweet, the teen wrote: “@JColeNC retweet me and I’ll buy Born Sinner. Don’t retweet me and I’ll kill my lil sister.”

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The rapper responded Tuesday, writing “wildest s--- I ever seen on twitter bruh.”

After apparently receiving a tsunami of messages and mentions on Twitter, the teen revealed that police had gotten involved and declared that the weapon in the photo actually was a BB gun.

“It was a BB gun. Cops came to my house and everything,” he posted. “If it was real I’d be in jail. Use your head.”

He also said his mother was in the room at the time the photo was taken.

“My mom is so mad at me,” he wrote. “I gotta go into hiding for a lil while.”

While many of his responses to critics were at first hostile (“Chief Keef can get away with ordering a hit but I can’t point a BB gun at my own sister? Y’all ain’t s---“) they later turned apologetic -- sort of.

“Being an Internet Thug backfired on me. I learned my damn lesson.. I hope White Twitter still accepts me after all this.”

And later: “I make terrible decisions. Don’t admire me.”