James Murphy: From LCD Soundsystem to Coffee Roaster

In a recent interview, the influential frontman revealed his plans to create a boutique espresso line.
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Since throwing in the towel on LCD Soundsystem, singer James Murphy has been busy with DJ gigs, like his recent booking at Sundance, all the while promoting the LCD documentary Shut Up and Play the Hits, chronicling their last show at Madison Square Garden.

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As for what comes next? According to an interview with New York Mag’s Grub Street blog, the influential frontman has his sights set on starting his own blend of coffee – espresso, to be exact -- an idea that's been percolating for some time. Murphy’s plans, he tells New York, are to “go to a roaster who lives near me and start tweaking beans and temperatures” and create a coffee line.

VIDEO: Sundance 2012: LCD Soundsystem Doc 'Shut Up and Play the Hits' 

He won’t be the first artist of note to try his hand at specialty java. Back in May, director David Lynch debuted an ad for his signature organic coffee line.

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