Watch James Taylor, Stephen Colbert Update "Fire and Rain" With Everything They've Seen Since 1970

Stephen Colbert James Taylor H 2015

Stephen Colbert James Taylor H 2015

James Taylor has seen a lot more than just "Fire and Rain."

The legendary musician stopped by Wednesday's Late Show to debut an updated version of the 1970 song, which now includes everything he's seen since then, like Friends, Snakes on a Plane, calzones and shampoo-conditioner blends.

"The thing is, I wrote that song in 1970, and I just hadn’t seen that much back then — mostly fire and rain," he told Stephen Colbert. "That’s why I keep saying it over and over again in the song."

In the new version, Taylor and Colbert sang about Al Roker's health, Katy Perry's Left Shark, Harry Potter's Quidditch and Seinfeld, among other things.

"I’ve seen the rise and fall of the Beanie Babies trend. I’ve seen man buns, Myspace and the Baha Men," sang Taylor to great applause. "But I never thought I’d see a new Star Wars again."

Watch the video below.