Jason Derulo Discusses His Recovery, His 'Sexy' Neck Brace and a Brand-New Album

The "Future History" star had to cancel a tour thanks to a January neck fracture, but he's back in the studio and has big plans on the horizon.
Nick Spanos

For most people, a fractured neck would mean an ugly brace and a long period of discontented healing. In Jason Derulo's case, he's handling the injury in the same way he sustained it: highflying excitement.

The acrobatic accident could have left him paralyzed, doctors said. Just a few inches, and he wouldn't be singing, dancing and making hits. But thanks to some good luck, he hasn't missed a beat -- in fact, he's creating them. The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Derulo at American Idol on Wednesday, where he discussed his new bling and plans moving forward. 

THR: Tell us about your fancy neck brace. Where did it come from, who made it?

Derulo: A French jeweler who lives in Paris. He found out that my neck was broken and I had to wear this ugly thing around all the time. So we talked, and he was like, ‘Why don’t I make you a piece?’ and he made me this. I gave him what I had in mind, and he came up with this. I thought it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. He turned the ugliest thing into the sexiest thing. It’s all crystals. I have this one, and then I have the other medical one.  I’m starting my own line ... no, I’m just playing.

THR: When is it supposed to come off?

Derulo: Three months is marked on Friday, and I go meet the neurologist on Friday. So hopefully he’ll tell me I can take it off then. It’s supposed to be like a three-month process with the brace and after that a little bit of rehab.

THR: You hurt it while attempting an acrobatic move -- what kind of move were you trying to do?

Derulo: A back tuck, it’s a back flip with no hands. I slipped during the process and landed on my head.

THR: If you were starting out today, would you try out for an Idol or an X Factor?

Derulo: Yeah, I think these shows are really cool. I know how nerve-racking they can be because you have your dream right in front of you. Once you’ve reached this point, nine people left, that must be like nerve-racking. It’s right there, you know what I mean? But they did a phenomenal job. I love sitting there watching. I felt like I was at a concert.

THR: Do you feel like this is a good way to launch a career?

Derulo: Yeah, absolutely, this is the future. This has continued to be a really popular show because of what it represents and the stuff that comes out of it.

THR: Did you ever try out for American Idol?

Derulo: I didn’t. I started off as a songwriter.

THR: So what’s next -- is the tour going to be rescheduled?

Derulo: I don’t have a tour rescheduled because it’s going to be a whole different tour. While I’m down, I’m actually making another album. So that’s been really fun. I’ve been really inspired throughout this whole process. So it will be a new album, and then a new tour will be scheduled.

THR: Is there any timing on the album? How far into it are you?

Derulo: I’m pretty far; I’m like three months into it. Since the accident happened, I wanted to get into the studio, which was probably not the healthiest thing to do, but I really wanted to. So I don’t have a time on it right now. I felt like, in the past, things were a little rushed, and I don’t want to do that. There’s no time limit; I’m taking my time on it. Really enjoying it for what it is.