Jay-Z, Bruce Springsteen to Perform With President Obama in Columbus

Jay-Z Obama Springsteen Split - H 2012
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Jay-Z Obama Springsteen Split - H 2012

Barack and Bruce are going on tour.

President Obama and Bruce Springsteen will travel together to visit three Midwest cities on Monday to close out the re-election campaign. The tour will first bring the pair to Madison in Wisconsin -- a state that appears to be in play -- and then to Columbus, Ohio, as Obama tries to ice the state's 20 electoral votes that most analysts think would give him the election.

As if to tell the people of the Buckeye State that they are just a little more special than others, Springsteen will be joined on stage by perhaps Obama's biggest celebrity backer, Jay-Z, as the two will perform one of the more high-profile duets in recent memory. Jay-Z has been a major fund-raiser for the president, who says the pair talk about normal things like raising children and having fabulous, world-famous wives.

After that performance, Obama and Springsteen will head to Iowa to finish their tour and wait for the results of the election the next day.

Other big perfomers for Obama include Katy Perry, who will put on a free concert in Milwaukee on Saturday.