Jeremy Sisto Releases Music Video for New Single 'Just Cuz'

Jeremy Sisto Headshot 2011
Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Jeremy Sisto is joining the ranks of actors who sing.

Perhaps best known amongst Clueless fans for his big-screen take on Coolio's "Rolling With My Homies" -- you know the pivotal scene -- Sisto, an actor of numerous film and TV credits including the ABC sitcom Suburgatory, Law & Order and Six Feet Under, is using his deep, mellifluous voice on a high-concept debut album entitled Escape Tailor.

Sisto wrote and recorded many of the record's tracks in his home studio, and the result is "largely contemplative and downbeat, reminiscent of Jeff Bridges' down-and-out balladry in Crazy Heart," according to an announcement Monday. The album arrives Tuesday on iTunes, and Sisto has just premiered the music video for the first single, "Just Cuz." 

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Escape Tailor is named after Sisto's alter ego (well, Beyonce has "Sasha Fierce"), who has performed in intimate venues in New York Cty.

"He's someone who lives wholly in the present, unburdened of social norms and deeply tethered to his own flawed humanity," Sisto explained of his clownish character, who "people look through, like a lot of people on the fringes of society."

Watch Escape Tailor in action below, and no, you wouldn't be wrong if you thought he sorta-kinda resembled the Joker with an acoustic guitar: