Joe Jonas on Justin Bieber's Recent Woes: 'I Think We All Saw It Coming'

The former Jonas Brother also talks about his upcoming solo album.
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Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas thinks Justin Bieber's recent behavior is somewhat expected, given his relationship with his father and the microscope the Canadian pop star is under.

"The youngster's just turning 20, the Biebers of the world, are under a microscope," Jonas tells Scene magazine. "[Bieber] is having a very tough time finding balance. I think we all saw it coming. Your dad is your party animal -- that's going to sum it up pretty quick. There's an equation for some sort of explosion."

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Bieber is currently facing criminal charges in Miami and Toronto.

As for Jonas, he's focusing on the next chapter of his life, as a solo artist, after he and his brothers disbanded their group last fall.

During his time with the Scene interviewer, Jonas never says "Jonas Brothers," and details the kind of music he's working on for his upcoming album, for which he's collaborated with The Strokes' Albert Hammond Jr.

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"I'm really at the baby stages. I’m writing with people I like and admire, but I’m taking my sweet, sweet time with it,” Jonas tells Scene.

He adds that he hopes listeners will not expect to hear something similar to the pop songs released by his former group.

"There are always stereotypes when people think of a band, any artist, that they’re going to sound like a certain thing," he says. "[I hope that] when I hit the reset button and release new music, fresh ears will listen open-minded and not judge."