Joe Jonas on New Jonas Brothers Release: 'It's the Best Album Yet' (Video)

The Jonas Brothers may be busier than ever, but they are still finding time to record what singer Joe Jonas says is their "best album yet."

Eldest brother Kevin Jonas recently wrapped filming his E! reality series Married to Jonas, premiering Sunday, Aug. 19, at 10 p.m.,  while Joe is promoting his new CW music reality competition series The Next, debuting Thursday, Aug. 16, at 9 p.m. As for Nick Jonas, the youngest of the sibling group, he is currently vying for a judging gig on American Idol and continues to write and produce music for himself and other artists.

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Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter to promote his new reality series, Joe opened up about recording the band's next album -- their first since splitting from Disney's Hollywood Records earlier this year -- and when fans can expect to hear new material.

"I think they keep having to make sure [the music] is locked on my computer, because I would probably just release it to fans if it was up to me," Joe teases.

Asked about an official release, Joe says he's hoping for fall. Thus far, the boys have written between 10 and 15 songs with lyrics that are "honest" and "fun," though the music itself is constantly evolving. 

"Since we've gone through so much in the past three years... we have so much to write about," Joe says. " It's just about time. Now that Kevin's slowing down with his show, I think he just wrapped his first season, my show's about to be done [Wednesday] for about a month, and depending if Nick gets American Idol, we have about a month, two months, to get in the studio and do whatever we want."

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Joe promises that the new material will be worth the wait.

"The rhythm feels really good, so I'm excited for people to hear it," he says. "I think it's the best album yet."

In his interview with THR, Joe also addresses his brother Nick's potential Idol gig.

“I feel like for Nick, he’d be able to bring a young approach to the show ," he says. "I think he’d probably bring the tough love occasionally and a dry sense of humor [that] I think would work well.”

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