Mountain Goats Singer Pens a Tune About Justin Bieber and Paparazzi (Video)

John Darnielle Justin Bieber Split - H 2013
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John Darnielle Justin Bieber Split - H 2013

Finally, some level-headed perspective on the war between Justin Bieber and those who would take his picture.

The latest skirmish saw the still-teenage pop star lunge at a photographer as he exited the London hospital where he had been sent after collapsing backstage at a concert. Bieber had to be restrained, and the photo that the paparazzo captured of the incident was far more widely circulated than any normal picture would have been. Some say Bieber overreacted; others blame intruding photogs.

STORY: Justin Bieber Restrained by Bodyguard While Charging at Paparazzi

John Darnielle, the singer-songwriter behind The Mountain Goats, sees both sides of the coin, and is offering a simple solution in the form of a short, reason-filled melody.

"Now, on the one hand, it's hard to feel sorry for the very rich, you can record an album of Mountain Goats covers and torpedo your career overnight," Darnielle sings. "But on the other hand, even a rich guy needs some space, and should be able to get to his car without people getting all up in his face and getting on his case. You don't have to leave Justin alone ... but don't be an asshole."

There's more where that came from, including some very pertinent political points.

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