Watch John Krasinski Replicate 'N Sync's Moves With "Bye Bye Bye" 'Lip Sync Battle' Performance

The actor shows just how well he knows the moves from the video for the boy band's 'No Strings Attached' single.

Several clips from this week's Lip Sync Battle between John Krasinski and Anna Kendrick surfaced ahead of Thursday night's episode.

But during the Spike showdown, in addition to donning a dress for Tina Turner's "Proud Mary," Krasinski also showed just how well he knows the moves from 'N Sync's "Bye Bye Bye" video.

Wearing a headset just like the boy-bandmembers, Krasinski started off stumbling around the stage like a puppet on a string (a nod to the title and theme of No Strings Attached, 'N Sync's 2000 album, as well as the concept for the music video for the album's first single).

Then Krasinski broke into more of the video's choreography, even doing the "Bye Bye Bye" hand movement. (At one point, he also did the Running Man, which isn't in 'N Sync's rendition of the song.)

Watch his performance below, followed by Kendrick performing to One Direction's "Steal My Girl."