Johnny Depp, Meryl Streep Cameo in Paul McCartney's 'Queenie Eye' (Video)

The musician's newest music clip also features actor Jude Law and supermodel Kate Moss.
Alice Eve in Paul McCartney's "Queenie Eye" music video.

When Paul McCartney sings, Hollywood listens -- at least, all the A-list stars featured in his new music video for his latest song, "Queenie Eye."

The clip opens with the former Beatle in the studio, playing the piano and recording his single. About 40 seconds into the video, Johnny Depp makes an appearance where he's seen wearing headphones and bobbing his head to McCartney's catchy tune. The Lone Ranger actor is shortly joined by English model and actress Lily Cole, who leans against the piano tapping her finger.

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The star-filled video also features cameos from designer Tom Ford, actors Chris Pine, Jude Law and Sean Penn enjoying the track, Star Trek actress Alice Eve crawling on McCartney's piano, Meryl Streep shaking it out and supermodel Kate Moss dancing in heels on top of a box.

"Queenie Eye" is from McCartney's 16th solo studio album, New, which was released Oct. 15.