Jon Bon Jovi Joins Chris Christie for Signing of Overdose Protection Act

Jon Bon Jovi
John W. Ferguson/Getty Images

Jon Bon Jovi joined NJ Governor Chris Christie as he signed into law the Overdose Protection Act -- a measure that protects drug users or witnesses who call 911 to report an overdose.

“I hope that Gov. Christie’s actions here will cause other states to stand up and to pay attention,” Bon Jovi said. “It will truly affect the lives of many across our state and also affect many of the families."

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Bon Jovi's 19-year-old daughter, Stephanie Rose, was hospitalized after a reported drug overdose while at Hamilton College in New York last year. Under New York's good Samaritan overdose-reporting law, she was shielded from prosecution.

“First to save a life and in return, the deal we’ll make with them is we won’t prosecute them,” Christie told reporters as he signed the law at a rehab facility in Paterson, NJ.

Christie said the law will also give victims the right to an antidote if they have one, without facing possible legal action.

“Saving the life first is the most important thing,” the governor said. "Drug abuse and addiction is a disease."

New Jersey is now the 12th state to provide good Samaritan protections for those who report overdoses, and the 11th to give legal immunity to those who administer antidotes.

Bon Jovi is getting ready to hit the road next week for the European and South African leg of the band's "Because We Can" tour. The group will return for more stateside shows in July.

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