Justin Bieber Meets Tyler, the Creator: 5 Reasons the Pop Star Should Join Odd Future

Sharing late-night burgers and strawberry milkshakes? It appears the music industry has a new -- if unlikely -- bromance brewing.
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As summer draws to a close, rumors have begun to fly that Justin Bieber and Tyler, the Creator are new BFFs. What with Selena Gomez out of the picture, it appears as though Bieber has dedicated his newfound free time to a budding bromance.

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It all comes after the duo posted photos to Instagram Tuesday night, in which they were seen indulging in some late night Fatburger. Adding fuel to the fire, TMZ even reported that they shared a strawberry milkshake.

The backstory? Who knows! Maybe they had some late-night munchies? Maybe they were taking a break from working in the studio? Regardless, we're rooting for these two to make it.

Yes, here are five reasons why Bieber should join Tyler's Odd Future crew:

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1. It's about time Bieber entered his artsy period, expands his mind, music and all that jazz. These guys could be just the ones to help him with that exploration. 

2. Why should Frank Ocean be the crew's only crooner?

3. Outlandish behavior is encouraged in Odd Future. "Oh, you abandoned your monkey in Germany? High five!"

4. Until now, it seemed as though Usher may have been Bieber's one and only friend. It's just good for the kid to branch out a little.

5. In case Lucas Vercetti ever leaves the crew, Bieber is the perfect blond-haired backup.

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