Justin Bieber Releases Dreamlike Short Film for The Key Fragrance (Video)

The singer silently treats vacationing women who unlock his latest perfume before they fall asleep.
Joe Pugliese

Justin Bieber has released a new short film to put his latest fragrance, The Key, into everyone's dreams ... or better yet, at the top of holiday shoppers' minds.

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At three and a half minutes, the Peter Glanz-directed short checks in on three women who remove the dangling accessory from The Key bottle and hold it in their hands as they fall asleep in their hotel room.

As if beckoned by the ritual, Bieber then requests the room key from the hotel concierge and treats the dreaming women to dates that include running through a museum, dancing on a rooftop, playing the piano and eating desserts (yes, Bieber can juggle macarons).

The film then reveals who was the one actually doing the dreaming. (And following the theme of the short, the scent also has its own alarm clock smartphone app.)

Released in July, The Key is pitched as a fruity floral musk with notes of woods and vanilla. It is his third fragrance release in three years, following Someday in 2011 and Girlfriend in 2012.

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Bieber releases the short film for The Key after previously finding monumental success in the perfume world. Last year, he attended the FiFi Awards -- with recognizes packaging and ad campaigns for fragrances -- to receive the highly coveted Elizabeth Taylor Fragrance Celebrity of the Year award, presented each year to a celebrity who has embraced and promoted the world of fragrance altogether. He was honored because in June 2011, his Someday scent had raked $3 million in just three weeks at Macy’s. Proceeds from perfume sales benefited Pencils of Promise, an education-based charity organization that helps build schools all over the world.

Watch the short film below:

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