Bryan Cranston, Jessica Biel Star in James Corden's Kanye West Soap Opera

James Corden Soap Opera H 2017

Kanye West's life can often seem like a soap opera, so James Corden turned it into one on The Late Late Show on Thursday night.

In "The Bold and the Lyrical," actors Bryan Cranston, Jessica Biel and Giovanni Ribisi performed in a Shakespearean drama featuring all 'Ye lyrics. With bandleader Reggie Watts acting as "the priest," the bit opened with bride Biel breathily stating, "diamonds are forever" to her intended husband, Cranston, who nervously responded, "...forever, ever?"

"Forever, ever," she assured him as a boozy Cranston swaggered in waving a bottle and offering a "toast for the douchebags" and the rest before dipping into some lines from "Runaway" as an encouragement for Biel to break out. "Get down girl, go 'head, get down," the host said to Biel as he grabbed her hand and she admitted "I'm in love with you, but the vibe is wrong."

"How could you be so heartless?" an aggrieved Cranston raged, later adding, "I made that bitch famous!" to everyone's shock and disapproval. And then things got weirder when Ribisi showed up to create even more drama, complete with a twist ending.

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